Do you work at a school with children who come from low-income families? These children may not have access to the same things other children have access to in communities where people are earning a much higher income. In fact, their opportunities to have fun and get involved in sports may be limited, especially if different types of equipment are not available to them.

If you want to do something about this and you would like to raise funds to create an athletic league for the children to join where they will be able to participate in various sports, such as baseball, basketball, and soccer, you may want to put a fundraiser together. There are different ways to raise funds that may be used to afford the cost of equipment, team uniforms, transportation, and anything else that is of importance for the children to have.

1. Sell Customized Wristbands

An easy way to start raising funds is to sell custom wristbands within the community. You can create these custom wristbands online, choosing from assorted colors, designs, and any specific quotes or details you would like to have printed on the wristbands. Once you have ordered them and have them shipped to you, simply set a price and sell them to as many people as possible. If each person purchases a wristband for $1, you can end up earning quite a lot of cash to put to good use for the local children.

2. Plan Out a Family Auction

Aside from selling the custom wristbands, consider organizing a family auction. Ask for help from local businesses when it comes to donations. Local businesses may be willing to donate gift cards, gift certificates to their business, and other baskets you can auction off as a way of raising money for children who could really use it. Pick a date and time for the auction and then sell tickets for a set price. Those who attend the auction can look around at the different baskets and certificates that are available and place their tickets in different baskets with the hope of winning. In the meantime, you can raise a lot of money from the sale of auction tickets alone, using that money to pay for different items for the children.

If you want to help raise money to create an athletic league for children in your area, try creating and selling customized wristbands and organizing a family auction where people can purchase tickets while trying to win different prizes. You may be able to raise a decent amount of money to use to help the children by getting all the items they need to finally enjoy different athletic activities.

For more information on how to customize your wristband, contact your local accessories retailer.