World War II changed history forever, and even several decades later there are still many people who are fascinated by this period of time. If you have a friend or family member who is a World War II enthusiast, you may want to think about their interest when purchasing gifts. Some great gift ideas for someone who loves all things World War II include:


Over the years, numerous documentaries have been made about World War II, covering everything from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to Victory in Europe Day. For your loved one's next birthday or holiday, consider buying a boxed set of DVDs that include several acclaimed documentaries that cover the events and battles of World War II.

Replica Coins

The money used during World War II was a lot different than it is today. A person who loves World War II may be very interested in replica coins from the time period. You should be able to find replica World War II coins from a number of different countries that were involved in the war by looking online. Also, consider looking for commemorative coins that were issued in the years following the end of the war.


There are many options when it comes to clothing related to World War II. For something elaborate, consider purchasing a replica of a uniform worn by a soldier during World War II. Someone who likes more casual clothing is sure to love a T-shirt screen printed with the War Birds of World War II from a place like Somewhere in Paradise. A number of retailers offer T-shirts that feature designs related to World War II, so you will have a variety to choose from.

Coffee Table Book

A beautiful coffee table book filled with photographs and information about World War II is sure to be a much-appreciated gift for a World War II enthusiast. Look for a book that is highly rated and authored by a person who is known for being an expert about World War II.

A Visit to a Museum

Pay attention to the different exhibits being featured at local museums in your area-- it is not uncommon for exhibits to change throughout the year. If you notice that there will be a World War II exhibit coming to a museum near you, buy a ticket for your loved one so he or she can enjoy it. You may also want to purchase a ticket for yourself so you can join your loved on for the day.