While Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving, if you're unfamiliar with the term) includes deals on everything from kitchen appliances to electronics, a lot of people brave the crowds, full parking lots, and crazy traffic come early Friday morning to get great deals on clothes and accessories. But if it's your first time going out on the biggest shopping day of the year, you may feel a little trepidation, not to mention unprepared. So if you're looking for a few clothes-centered tips and tricks to make shopping for clothes this Black Friday a little more manageable, then here's what you need to know.

Think Loose

When choosing a Black Friday outfit, the first thing you should do is to think loose. Not only will this cover up any Thanksgiving bloat from the dinner the night before, but it'll also make a world of difference when you're shopping. A ton of people in each store means that the average temperature of the store itself will rise (especially in smaller stores like boutiques), leaving you to sweat it out if you're stuck in hot, clingy fabric. A simple cotton shirt (long or short sleeved, depending on if you run hot or not) will breathe well and leave you cool even in the heated frenzy of shoppers and clothes.

Lose the Layers

You may be tempted to go with a layered winter look – a vest or jacket on top of a shirt with a tank underneath, capped off with a scarf or a hat (or both), but resist that temptation come Black Friday. Layers are just another thing you have to keep track of when you're trying on clothes, and they can be easily forgotten in one of the many dressing rooms you visit on Friday. If you need a winter coat for the drive over (since it's November and all), consider leaving it (and the gloves, and the scarf…) in the car. If you really get freezing you can always run out and get it, but if you can manage without it just makes it one less thing to worry about.

Wear Your Necessities

There are a few necessities you can't just leave in the car – your wallet, phone, and car keys, among others – so to avoid leaving them in a dressing room or hooked around a hanger, make sure to wear your necessities. A cross-body purse (which are fairly cheap, especially if that's your first stop on the morning of Black Friday) is perfect for this kind of event; it's a constant presence all across your shoulder and torso, making it much harder to ignore its absence, and it leaves your hands totally free for grabbing the last sweater in your size. Threading the strap (if possible) through your pant loop helps you not to forget it; you definitely won't leave a changing room for good without your pants firmly around your waist.

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