A great way to make your business look as professional as possible is to have everyone wear the same thing when they come to work. Custom t-shirts can allow your employees to look great without you having to invest a lot of money in their uniforms. Use the guide that follows to learn how to have the perfect t-shirts created for your business.

Consider Choosing Cotton T-Shirts

When having t-shirts made, it is important to take the time to choose a material that will feel soft and comfortable when it is worn. A great fabric option is cotton. Cotton is soft and warm. It holds its shape well and is not overly expensive either. Be sure to choose pre-shrunk cotton shirts to ensure that they do not shrink after they are washed because your employees may end up with shirts that are too small for them after just one or two washes.

Consider the Color for the T-Shirts

When choosing the colors, you want to use for the t-shirts, it is important to consider who will be wearing them. There are some men who do not feel comfortable wearing pink or purple on a daily basis. Some women may not like wearing green or orange t-shirts to work. Choosing white or black t-shirts is often the best option because they look great on everyone.

Consider the Logo Placement on the Shirts

You want to be sure that the logo for your business can be found somewhere on the shirt. Some people like to have the logo placed on the front of the shirt on a pocket located on the chest. This is not always the best option because it draws attention to an area on women's bodies that may make them feel uncomfortable. Having the logo on the back of the shirt is often the best option because it will look great on someone regardless of their sex or size.

Consider the Style of the Shirts

When you are choosing t-shirts to have created for your staff, you can choose from a crew-neck collar or a V-neck collar. A crew-neck collar comes up snugly to the neck and can be uncomfortable for some people because it makes them feel as though they are being strangled. A V-neck is ideal for women's shirts because it flatters their figures and does not feel as restrictive. Be sure to talk to your employees about the style of shirt that each member of your team would like to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as they can possibly be.

Be sure to order a few shirts for each of your employees. This will eliminate the need for them to do laundry every day because they will have more than one shirt to wear throughout the week.