Being a bride is something that many girls look forward to for a number of years. Every bride wants her wedding day to be special, and few things can ruin the experience like having a generic dress that another bride will wear in her wedding. Investing in the creation of a custom bridal gown ensures that you will be clothed in the one-of-a-kind dress of your dreams.

Despite popular belief, custom gowns can actually be quite affordable. Here are three factors that can influence the cost of your custom bridal gown.

1. The number of hours required for completion.

Many designers and seamstresses charge an hourly rate for their services. In order to determine how much you will have to pay to have your custom bridal gown made, you will need to take these hourly rates into consideration. Intricate dresses that require careful attention to a lot of details will require a larger time investment.

If you want to reduce the overall cost of your custom gown, talk to your seamstress about using an affordable gown that you purchase off-the-rack as the base for your custom design. This will save both time and money when it comes to having a unique gown created for your special day.

2. Your desired color.

While it is traditional for a bride to wear white as she walks down the aisle, modern brides are putting their own spin on bridal gown couture by incorporating color into their gown's design. If you want to get married in a colored gown, it's important to recognize that the color you select could affect the total cost of your custom gown.

Bridal fabrics don't come in every color, but a skilled designer can easily dye existing fabric to create the color you desire. Dying fabric is an intricate process, and you should expect to pay a premium for this service if you have your heart set on a colored wedding gown.

3. Your wedding timeline.

Giving your designer or seamstress enough notice is crucial when it comes to acquiring an affordable custom wedding gown. Sewing a custom dress takes a significant amount of time, and you will need to ensure that you have enough time for fittings and alterations once the garment is complete.

If you need your dress in a hurry, you should plan on paying a rush fee for your custom order. To avoid these fees, be sure that you order your custom gown immediately after your engagement to give your designer or seamstress ample time to complete the construction of the dress.

Investing in a custom bridal gown is a great way to make your wedding day special. When determining how much to budget for your custom gown, be sure to take the amount of time required to complete the dress, your desired color, and your wedding timeline into consideration. For more information on custom bridal dresses, contact a company like The House of Couture.