The crisp fall air has arrived, and that means that thousands of students are heading back to school. While every kid looks forward to seeing their friends, they also love knowing that they will get a fresh, new wardrobe. As a parent, filling your kid's closet can get complicated, especially when they must wear a uniform. On one hand, you want them to enjoy the latest trends, but on the other, you want clothes that that won't get them sent home. Before you head to the mall, check out this list of three classic fashion staples that will let your child show off their personality while still staying in line with school rules.

Personalized Shirts

Let's face it: school uniforms may make it easy to get your kids dressed in the morning, but kids can't stand looking like everyone else. While you may not be able to change the dress code, you can make sure your kid feels unique. Monogrammed shirts for girls can be found in t-shirt and collared styles that fit most dress-code standards for uniforms. 

Versatile Neutral Skirt

Whether your little girl loves ruffles or you have a teen that prefers the classic pencil style, a skirt can make any young girl feel feminine. Since many uniforms tend to be dry and boring, you can spruce the uniform up by choosing a skirt style that fits your daughter's personality. Simply make sure it fits your child's school's designated colors. Khaki, navy blue, and black tend to be the most popular hues, and they work well with any color shirt you choose.

Unique Accessories

School-uniform standards tend to be strict regarding the colors of pants and shirts, yet you can usually find some leeway regarding what accessories can be worn. Choose your child's favorite brand of sneakers, and let them pick out bold hair accessories and jewelry. Personalized backpacks are another fun way to make your child stand out as they tote their things to school. By adding a few signature pieces, your daughter can still express herself while still staying within her school's boundaries.

Dressing your little one from head to toe is an exciting part of back-to-school shopping. This year, don't let uniforms get you down since there are still tons of ways to add some personality to your child's wardrobe. By choosing your child's fashion pieces carefully, you can even extend the life of your daughter's school uniform into the summer since girls' monogrammed shirts are always in style. 

For more information, check out stores in your area and online clothing websites.