Whether you are a bride who is all about country or you just prefer a bridal look with a bit of a rustic-country edge, adding cowgirl boots to your wedding day attire is bound to be the touch that reflects your sense of style. The only problem is, with thousands of cowgirl boot styles to choose from, tracking down the ideal pair to be used for your bridal footwear can be a challenging feat. While choosing the best boots is totally subjective according to your own personal style preferences, there are also a few features you should be looking for in the best cowgirl boots for your bridal ensemble. 

Comfortable - What is the number one feature of the right pair of cowgirl boots as a bride? Hands down, you should be looking for a pair of boots that are comfortable. You could be wearing these boots for a good portion of the day and the last thing you want is achy, blistered feet on your wedding night. To ensure comfort on the wedding day, you may also want to break them in beforehand.

Non-Skid Soles - Look for a pair of boots that has skid-resistant soles if you plan to wear them on your big day. Some cowgirl boots are lacking in this department, with only a bare amount of traction impressions or a completely flat surface, neither of which will give you any stability if you walk across a slippery surface. You wouldn't want to slip and fall on your way down the aisle!

Heels of the Right Height - Cowgirl boots come with heel heights from completely low-profile and almost flat to a platform style with a heel that is several inches high. The type you choose is totally up to you and your comfort zone, but make sure you try on heeled boots along with your dress before the big day because you don't want your heels raising you so high that it changes the way your dress is supposed to fall.

Complementary to Your Dress - This probably goes without saying, but the cowgirl boots you choose should ideally complement your dress, even if the shoes will hardly be seen through the ceremony. If your wedding gown is blinged out with crystals and pearls, your boots should also have a little sparkle. 

Complementary of the Season -  Cowgirl boots are often associated with cooler weather, but there are actually different types of boots that coincide with different seasons. Boots designed for warmer weather will not have a bulky lining and may have small perforations to allow air flow through the shoe while it is on your foot. Finding boots that are designed for the season will help you be more comfortable on your wedding day. 

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