Are you tired of buying pair after pair of jeans, only to get home and realize you don't love them nearly as much as you wanted to? Shopping for jeans is no easy feat, but these tips will help you find the perfect pair.

Pick the size that feels a bit snug.

You don't want jeans that you have to lay on your bed in order to zip up, but you do want ones that feel just a touch too snug in the store. If a pair of jeans feels snug what you try them on, do NOT make the mistake of then sizing up. A pair that fits snugly now will loosen a bit after you walk around in them for a while. If you size up and buy jeans that don't feel a tiny bit too tight, they'll be too loose once you've worn them just once.

Wear a top you'd actually wear with jeans while shopping.

Are you shopping for high-waisted jeans? Wear a top that you actually plan on wearing with them. If you're shopping for low-waisted, flare jeans, wear a top that you'd actually pair with this style. This way, you won't get home and realize that the pair of jeans you bought actually looks terrible with the clothes you intended to pair it with.

Pick your wash based on your figure.

The darker the color, the slimmer is makes you look. If you have a few extra pounds you're trying to hide, go with a darker wash. If you're on the slender side and want to look less twig-like, pick a lighter wash. If you're having trouble picking between a few similar shades, try them all on before making your decision. This way, you can compare how the various shades make your figure look -- rather than just picking a color you think is "pretty" and later finding it looks unflattering on you.

Choose American-made jeans for durability.

Cheaply made jeans may become baggy after just one wear, since cheap fabric can loose its tension and poorly constructed seams may pop or stretch. You'll pay a bit more for American-made jeans, but their fit will remain more true through years of wear since they're made from thicker, higher-quality materials and with better sewing techniques. Plus, when you buy American Made Jeans by All USA Clothing, you are taking a stand against outsourcing and helping to support companies that employ workers within the USA.