Bicycling, as a sport, can be very invigorating. It can also be sweat-producing and heart-pumping, and sometimes to move faster there has to be less on the bike. For example, if you are in a bike race and you want to move as fast as you can pedal, you want to be as streamlined as possible too. That means that you need to wear tight-fitting clothes what will not cause accidents by getting stuck in the pedals or wheels, nor do you want clothes that will cut off your ability to breathe. The following three characteristics are all shared with the best biking t-shirts you can buy and should definitely wear when you bike.

Clothing That Is Short and Hugs Your Body

People make jokes about lycra bike shorts, but nary a word about lycra bike shirts. Why? Because they have seen the likes of Lance Armstrong wearing lycra bike t-shirts, and that is why it is considered "cool" to wear the lycra shirts. Aside from the "looking cool" factor, these shirts all hug your body, which is exactly what you want in sporting gear for bike riding. The sleeves are also short for summer weather and long for winter weather (because the most dedicated cyclists bike all year long). (The accompanying bike shorts or bike capris stop at the knee or mid-calf to prevent any fabric from catching on the pedals or chain of your bike.)

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

If you take biking very seriously and bike five, ten, twenty or more miles a day for fun or fitness, moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal. Instead of being soaked and dripping in your own sweat and clothing that cannot possibly hold any more of your sweat, these fabrics pick the sweat up off your body before it collects and helps it evaporate away. The result is biking shirts and shorts that help keep you both dry and cool, rather than wet and overheated.

Colors and Patterns Are Bright and Highly Reflective

Nothing ends your ride quite as fast or as tragic as a motorist who didn't see you. The best bike clothing, both shirts and shorts, are made with very bright and highly reflective colors and/or patterns. While the more amateur cyclists are busy wearing their crossing guard-style vests, you can be more streamlined and visible in your specialized gear. Be sure to wear bike clothing that covers your entire torso with this reflective and bright cloth, and if you can find clothing that also wicks away moisture and hugs your body for the perfect streamlined effect, you have found the best bike clothing money can buy.

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